This deliverable describes the requirements for the T2T/T2I-communication regarding antenna design, communication architecture, V2X-Stack for CACC and for the localization. In addition it describes the typical motorway use cases of trucks at the right lane of motorways for testing of the communication system developed in the ROADART project frame.


The purpose of this deliverable is to propose the final qualified communication techniques and antenna arrays to be implemented in the ROADART platform. Therefore, several constraints, coming from other WPs, were taken into consideration for providing the final recommendations.


This deliverable describes the final system architecture of the RF modules and the communication unit, based also on the outcomes of WP1, WP2 and WP3. The hardware for the RF modules placed on the trucks as well as the communication unit, which concists of wireless communication modules and a microprocessor are described.

  D4.2_Hardware_and_Software_Vs2p0.pdf This deliverable shows the demonstrator of the RF modules and the communication unit, showing the complete setup for one truck.

This deliverable describes the CACC requirements and architecture for the nominal functionality and for a set of safety aspects. The safety aspects which will be taken into account focus on communication impairments in combination with braking of the lead truck.


This deliverable provides an overview of the different types of data, which are used throughout the project period. Furthermore the methodologies for the data collection and/or generation are also described.
Other aspects regarding the managing, storing and curating of the data are also addressed in this document. Finaly, information on metadata standards, data documentation as well as data preservation strategies are provided.


In this deliverable the test cases and test plans are defined. Based on the description of the use cases and the requirements specifications, resulting scenarios and test cases are defined. In detail the use cases and requirements of the ROADART project will be investigated in order to identify the relevant test coverage for the trials and the evaluation. Furthermore, the technical as well as the regulatory requirements will be taken into account.

D7.2_Results of the Lab and Field Tests_Final.pdf

In this deliverable the results of the defined lab and field test cases as these were described in D7.1 Definition of Lab and Field Trials will be presented and evaluated.


In this deliverable the activities for the final demonstration of the ROADART project will be briefly described.


This deliverable contains a dissemination plan of proposed activities and associated tasks with a specific purpose to interact with other parties in the European community that share an interest in the kind of results targeted within the ROADART project.


The proposed activities and associated tasks described in D8.1, were followed continuously throughout the 2nd project period and are described in this deliverable D8.3.

In addition to the dissemination activities, in this deliverable the expected exploitation of the results obtained within the ROADART Project, are also described.


A short overview of the ROADART project in form of a PowerPoint presentation.


In this short deliverable a summary of the consortium activities regarding meetings, telcos, websites, and visit to conferences and consortia will be given.